A Wild Blog Appears

I always disliked the term ‘blog’, but unavoidably what this is going to be called. ¬†This is my second attempt at doing one if these for Iiosia. The first ended because I replaced it with notes on the website, and this one’s being created to replace notes on the website.

A site like this lets me post both quick updates and longer, more in-depth thoughts on how things are progressing with Iiosia and all the things which surround it.

Let’s hope I keep it vaguely up to date, eh?

That’s all for now – i have more I’d like to get done tonight, so don’t want to get bogged down becoming overly wordy here yet.

But yes, new updates, to make it easy for me to update, and you to find what’s going on here at a glance. Huzzah!