Agniton RPG V1.1, and Game Module

It’s done! I’ve completed this month’s aim in getting both the 1.1 version of the rules. The new version includes rules for cover, flamer attacks, spread fire for automatic weapons, and a few general tweaks and fixes.

Along with these an accompanying game module has now been uploaded onto the website – A Fool’s Errand.

Both can be found here.

Hopefully, this will enable the system to be more accessible for people who stumble across it (or people who already know of it, even) to start playing and try out the system.

The module is based off of the game I created for the session featured on YouTube, so if you saw that you’ll know pretty much what to expect. It’s also the same first session that my current group of players began with in a game that now has them battling for control over a town with groups of rival factions!

Obviously, we’re onto NaNoWriMo next month, as detailed below. The current projects sidebar has been adjusted accordingly.

General Update for October

Hi everyone,

It’s about time I put an update on here to let anyone who’s even remotely interested how things are going with this here hobby thing.

In a word, things are going well!

I’ve generally kept a routine together by doing a weekly livestream every Tuesday evening over on This gives me at period of at least once a week where I have to sit down and do something. Admittedly, some streams are more productive than others, but they do make me think about what I’m going to do in them and, perhaps more importantly, what I’m going to do between them.

‘I’ll do that off stream, ready for next week’ I’ll casually say. For whatever reason, that actually gives me motivation to actually do these things and so I’m steadily being productive during the week, too.

Recently we worked on an Iiosia timeline, which charted all the major events of the world. In doing so, we discovered that the origins of the land of Oun was a mystery, and hardly covered at all. Purely as a result of this, a whole new aspect of the lore came into being, which will be added to the site soon.

Currently my current projects – an updated version of my new pen and paper system (Agniton RPG) and an accompanying game module for people to take aware to play – are being whittled away at and I’m actually pretty confident that I’ll get both released for the end of the month, which was my self-imposed deadline.

This is one of a few hobbies of mine, and it’s always been a tricky balancing act to work it in with other aspects of life. I think though that lately I’ve achieved this more effectively than at any other time; I’m not overdoing it and burning myself out, but nor am I taking extended breaks and getting nothing done. At the heart of these is the streams, which lets me ‘touch base’ once a week with things and perhaps inspires me to do extra work in between them.

One thing I need to do better, is to update this page, Twitter (although they come hand-in-hand) and perhaps the forum also. I’ve decided that, in the future, when I produce things like the history and timeline mentioned earlier, I’ll put them on here, in their entirety, as well as on the website. That way, people who are showing an active interest in updates won’t have to be redirected to find the latest updates.

I have a vague plan for the following months, so allow me to get that in writing right here:

  • By the end of October

Finish ARPG Version 1.1 along with a game module. I’ll also try to get a video uploaded on the YouTube channel too.

  • November

NaNoWriMo – blitz through completing the story of Nerralyth, which I quite recently re-read in stream and said I’d continue, only didn’t. NaNo should give me that extra push to get it done. Yes, I’m breaking the rules by continuing an old piece of writing and no, I might not make 50k words (it probably won’t need it!), but at its heart NaNoWriMo is about ‘Sit Down and Write!’, so that’s what I’m going to do

  • December/January

Website redesign. I think some things are too hard to find, and the setting of Agniton (which directly follows Iiosia) is quickly growing in depth and needs more of a presence. Because of this, I’m going to alter the layout (but not the look) of the site to incorporate things better.

  • February

Start work on IRPG Version 2. This version will leave the old IRPG system behind and attempt to incorporate the new ARPG system into it instead, which I feel is sleeker, simpler, and generally works better.

  • April

Re-visit Nerralyth. No doubt things will need changing after NaNoWriMo, so here’s where I start to tackle these after a suitable ‘cooling off’ period.


And then there’s always additions to IRPG and a host of other things I want to work on too.

To sum up, busy, productive and fun times!

ARPG Version 1.0 Final Release

It’s finally here!

After almost exactly 8 months of development, Agniton Role-play game is finally out. Compiled into a nice little 30-ish page rulebook, the project feels like it’s taken far too long to complete.

And, well, maybe it has. Still, I delivered this within the deadline I’ve set for myself, so I’m happy with that.

If you’d like to read more on the development of this, I took the time to write some of my thoughts on the now (almost defunct) Iiosia forums, over here.

Otherwise, if you decide to have a read through (and even attempt to play) the system, you can download it HERE!

I’d love feedback on it. Since I’m a one-man team it’s difficult for me to approach this with a fresh pair of eyes, so if anyone has any issues with the rules due to lack of clarity, or even missing sections entirely, please let me know!

As for this month’s targets, well, that’s one off the list. I’m pretty sure I can finish The Great War re-write fairly soon, which just leaves the re-write of Herding the Cattle do finish. This last one’s going to be a challenge, honestly, what with a few  real-life things getting in the way (and me becoming recently obsesses with Total War: Warhammer, not gonna lie), but I’ll do what I can!

Thanks all!