NaNoWriMo 2017

So, November has come and gone, and with it NaNoWriMo.

The event was largely a success for me, even though I didn’t reach 50k words (I reached 35k), nor did I actually complete writing Nerralyth, as I intended. The story grew into far more than I had originally intended, and I simply had to plan out what I needed, which I’ve managed to do.

I talk more about this in yonder YouTube update.

I thought I’d give a few hints and tips that I’ve picked up during this year’s NaNo that should hopefully be helpful to others, as well as my future self. While these are directly related to NaNo, I think they work with writing in general.

NaNoWriNo Hint No#1

Don’t sit down to write 1700 words. Sit down to write 500. See how that goes. If it goes well, try to write another 500. If it was a bit of a struggle, take a break, and come back later.

NaNoWriNo Hint No#2

Try to end off where it’s easy to pick up again. I find it’s a bad idea to finish at the end of a chapter, so when you return you have to start a new one. Ending in the middle of a sentence can let you hit the ground running when you return to your story.

NaNoWriNo Hint No#3

Let’s not be disheartened if you don’t make a daily target. All progress is good progress, and bad days will happen.

NaNoWriNo Hint No#4

(more or less carries on from #3) Always try to look forwards. Second guessing yourself and lamenting any less productive days or writing absolute tosh will only dishearten you. Keep pressing onward!

NaNoWriNo Hint No#5

If you’re pressed for time, or need to approach something a little bit at a time, just give yourself that 15 minutes, or that 30 minutes, to write in. You’ll be surprised how much you get done, and how much these little bites of writing add up.

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